My name is Livingstone Muliku, aged 26 years and married to Pharice with a two and half (21/2) year old son, Pharrel. I was brought up in Kibera slums where I lived throughout my primary, high school and college life. (Read More)

I am an orphan who was rescued by Pastor Shadrack from Kibera slums-Nairobi. After completing my class 8, there was no school fee for me to continue with my education. (Read More)

Jane Njeri has 5 children in total. Her husband abandoned her when he had known that they have attracted HIV/ AIDS. In a state of hopelessness Jane was pregnant and at the same time had HIV/ AIDS. That same time when she needed much encouragement, the husband abandoned her with all the children. Jane had no income at all that time. (Read More)

Adundo is a boy 10 years old. His parents had given up on him, when trying to help him come back home and settle in school because he had gone to the street as a street boy as a way of survival, for when life is too harsh at home with no hope of getting food. (Read More)