We have an integrated mission, which is put into three (3) different departments for efficiency and proper coordination.


  1. Education- this involves Research, School and Counseling.
  2. Training- includes training in technical, counseling and teaching skills and evangelism.
  3. Health- this includes medical clinic, sanitation and hygiene.
  4. Missions- this includes working in a local church, Evangelistic campaign, Camps, Rallies, Sports, Feeding program, Sponsorship programs, Construction work e.t.c.

REM has established a center in Mitumba slums which is a community based program committed to reach every family and the children/youths in Mitumba slums of South C estate- Nairobi-Kenya with the gospel of love of Jesus Christ.


Why Mitumba Slums?

The dismay by abject poverty, malnourishment, lack of education, poor living conditions that characterized the type of living in this slum is what caused us to go there. We were also been moved by the love of Jesus for mankind.


Intervention we use:

Through the help of well-wishers like you, we run the following programs to reach the needs in Mitumba slums.

  1. Spiritual nourishment / counseling.
  2. Early childhood education.
  3. Informal school program.
  4.  Feeding program.
  5. HIV/AIDS and health care program.
  6. Bible club and community sports outreach.
  7. Child sponsorship program.
  8. Training in technical skills to provide income for the children in the future.
All these programs are not yet fully established; but our desire is that they eventually come to full operation. 

Other Activities:

v  REM Organizes youth, children and family camps over the Kenya school holidays( i.e.April, August and December).

v  REM organizes youth rallies and crusades for school or churches in the area.

v  REM organizes training for camp counselors, Bible club leaders and Sunday school teachers; giving them ideas for outreach and to encourage them to be faithful.

v  REM utilizes activities such as sports, drama, singing, poems and bible studies to bring young people together. The goal is befriend them, tell them about Jesus or encourage them to live for Jesus if they already know Him.

v  REM organizes evangelistic missions where we are called to do so.