Rural Evangelism Missions is an Interdenominational, evangelistic mission helping churches grow by reaching the unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ. Three (3) students from Scott Theological college, who, had a vision for the perishing souls, founded it in 1988. REM is committed in reaching the family unit for Christ through relevant youth and childrenís ministries.

Our vision is to see a society with a better family life in line with Godís word.

Our mission is to evangelize, train and commission children, youth and families, to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and to live godly life that can also change the atmosphere of the community in which they live.

Our Values
- To give God the glory and honor in everything.
- To uphold purity, stewardship, courtesy, integrity, excellence, empathy, transparency, sincerity and accountability in everything.

RURAL: here is referred to Home situation whether it is situated in the village or in urban.
EVANGELISTIC: means that we are evangelistic in nature.
MISSIONS: means that our mission is holistic. That means we have an integrated program that is so unique and able to cover almost all areas of human major needs i.e. moral (spiritual), physical (social) and mental.