Adundo is a boy 10 years old. His parents had given up on him, when trying to help him come back home and settle in school because he had gone to the street as a street boy as a way of survival, for when life is too harsh at home with no hope of getting food. Adundo lives in Mitumba slums with his parents who are jobless. But his father sometimes finds casual work sometimes in hope that he earn some money to take home for food. Instead he goes to drink it all and come back home to demand for some food which is not there. Adundo family has 6 children whereby 2 of them now are doing well in our REM school. Adundo loves Jesus and he attends bible clubs. He does not miss school since he was rehabilitated by REM teachers.

The greatest challenge is the lack of uniforms, books, food and medical care which all REM children really needs.